What is a Community Plan?

University is one of 53 community planning areas in the City of San Diego, each of which is a part of the Land Use Element of the General Plan. Community plans provide more detailed land use designations and site-specific policy recommendations than are practical at the citywide level. Community plan updates work with the General Plan in order to achieve both citywide and community level goals, including guidance of future growth and development. All of the adopted community plans must be consistent with the goals and policies of the General Plan.

How does a Community Plan Update relate to the Climate Action Plan?

The City's Climate Action Plan (CAP) was adopted in 2015, and requires a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) by 2035. The University Community Plan Update works with the CAP to achieve citywide and community sustainability goals, such as smart growth, mode shift, and transit oriented development. All adopted community plans must be consistent with the goals and policies of the CAP.

Why is the University Community Plan Being Updated?

The University Community Plan was last updated more than 30 years ago, in 1987. Since that time, population and job growth has led University to become one of the San Diego region’s primary superregional employment areas. The updated Community Plan will guide the community over the next 30 years, and will consider current conditions, Citywide goals in the Climate Action Plan and the General Plan, and community specific goals to provide direction for the long-term development of the community. The University Community Plan Update will be a collaborative process with ongoing opportunities for public input. During the update process, Planning Department staff will work with the University community and the public to identify and consider important questions, issues, and opportunities.

What is the University CPU Subcommittee?

The University Community Plan Update Subcommittee is a subcommittee of the University Community Planning Group, which is the City's recognized citizens' group for the University Community. This subcommittee was created specifically for the Community Plan Update in order to provide feedback to the City regarding the process.


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